Benefit of Installing The LED Strip Lighting

It has been a long time since we left behind age old lamps, and have upgraded to various types of bulbs. Bulbs are now further nowadays being replaced by LED’s i.e. light emitting diodes.  There are many designs and color combinations available in LED strip lighting and you can use these eco-friendly options to decorate both your home and office. While you choose the LED strip lighting, try to choose from the number of lights within a single meter of the strip, the voltage, the IP rating and also the color and the temperature of the lights.

Variety of colors and designs for decorative purposes:
LED strip lights are available in many different colors and they are also water resistant and they are covered by heat conducting epoxy which protects the circuit from water and hence keeping away from danger. There are two types of LED’s, single color and multi-color and each have addressing issues, based on them controlling them is possible , addressable and non-addressable LED’s.

  • In single color LED strips the addressing is done by a single chip and so all LED’s glow in a single color as the addressing to all led’s in the strip are applied at once and same with non-addressable even with multi-color acts the same way glowing in single color.
  • LED strips which are addressable have different addressing process to each led, as they are strobed and they glow in multi colors. You can either use a controller to change the color, or else you can also include mix and match varieties to include more colors to your decorative purpose.

led strip lighting

What are the multiple uses of LED strip chains?
They are used in many ways as such at home, workplace, decorations, toys, even in lighting clothes as we can see that in the movie step-up3. They can be divided at any point as they are a strip together but individually they are diodes each of it, and this advantage pays of well. They are very economical when compared to other lights and as they can be powered or lighted by just USB charger or some battery equipment makes it portable and small. Hence they are the most sought-after LEDs.

How do you benefit by installing the LED strip lighting?
It is seen that compared to the fluorescent lights and the normal tubelights, the LED strip lighting reduces your power consumption and they also emit sufficient light for daily purposes. You can easily measure the LED strip and then take the load average and the modifications that you need to make to the chain. For instance, you can cut a long chain into two strips if you want to install them at two places in your balcony.

They are also used in toys and for vehicle decoration:

  • Mostly these strips are being used in parties and vehicles as they are economic and produce much better lighting than others.
  • They are being used in watches and interior designers are making a lot from them as they personalizing bathrooms with these LED strips as they are water proof. They can also use these strips at walkways.

While choosing LED strips generally we never knew how to purchase. We go through the length of strip normally but it’s not right as the distance between LED’s increases the lighting is a bit spotty, so choose the strip which have more number of led’s so that the lighting is clean and clear.

We can use addressable LED strips for reading purposes as they almost have the capability to produce approximate days light lighting and non-addressable for kitchens, halls, bathrooms etc. as addressable strips are costly. You can choose LED strips lighting even to use according to you set of moods which is completely based on your choice.

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