7 factors to keep in mind while buying plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are considered a good element for you home decor. Other than providing a lot of benefits to the house, it also adds to the architectural style of the house. It also makes the room decor look all the more beautiful. A lot of people prefer this to be a must buy thing for their house because of its ability to control the light, sound as well as heat from entering their house.

plantation blinds

Plantation Blinds

Buying plantation shutters

There are many plantation shutters available in the markets that are extremely low priced. The consumers are enticed by the attractive price offers and they rush into buying shutters without checking any other factors such as quality of the product. As a result of hurrying, they often end up in buying shutters which are much inferior in terms of their performance and functioning. With a little research, you can buy the best shutters which will not only fulfill your requirements properly but will also be long lasting.

Factors to keep in mind

I. Buy from a treatable company – A reputable company has the goodwill which they do not spoil. Hence, it becomes the single most important factor in buying the plantation shutters from reputed companies only. A branded product goes hand in hand with its good quality, providing warranty on the product as well as the best customer service. You can identify a good company through a long list of customers who are satisfied by using the product. Other than choosing a company where the shutter is just another product, choose a company whose specialty is shutters.

II. Read the warranty – Not only should the product warranty cover the materials of the shutter but also should cover the labor cost for the building and installation of the shutters.

III. Measurements and the layout – Even the top most installer cannot sit there and give you the accurate quote without seeing your residence and taking the precise measurements. Any company which gives the cost over the phone is simply doing it to impress you and without any fail the cost would go up later.

IV. Factory Direct – If you deal with a company which actually deals with the shutters, you can rest assured that you are going to get accurate answers as well as timely responses. Moreover, you will also be assured of the factory direct prices.

V. Quality Installation – Buying the shutter is one story and installing it properly is another. If it is not properly installed, then buying it will be a waste. Look for a company who takes the responsibility of installation by themselves and do not use dub contractors.

VI. The look – There are mainly two types of finishes in the plantation shutters. One is the stained wood look and the other one is the painted look. If you wish for the painted look, then you should consider buying the polywood shutters. Polywood is a special type of material made up of polymer; this comes in baked finish on acrylic lacquer. This is extremely durable. It is considered to be the best finish in the whole industry. If you are willing for the wooden finish then basswood shutters are the one you should consider. It has an attractive grain and also gives an even coverage.

VII. Budget – Do not get attracted by the low prices. Most of the times you buy the product with a quoted price but later on they add a lot of extra charges on necessary parts without which the shutter will be of no use. Hence always check the quotation properly to ensure that it matches your budget and at the same the quotation is inclusive of all charges.

plantation shutter

Plantation Shutter

Before you decide to buy a plantation shutter, keep in mind the above factors and you will definitely get the best one.

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