Get The Perfect Size of Blind for Your Windows with Custom Blinds

What are custom blinds?
Custom blinds are the blinds that are customized to suit the dimensions of your windows. The windows in all the houses are not the same therefore one size of the blinds will not be suitable for all windows and you may need to customize the blinds according to your needs. Such blinds that have been tailor-made for your windows are known as custom blinds. These blinds make your windows as well as your house look elegant and neat.

custom blinds

Custom Blinds

Where can you find such blinds?
Such blinds can be bought either from the conventional stores in your neighborhood or from the hundreds of online stores.

  • Earlier he purchases of the custom blinds from the conventional stores was considered more apt because of the hassles that are involved with the customization of the blinds. First you would go to different shops in search of the right kind of blinds.
  • The search was hectic and needed a lot of time because not all shops keep every kind of blinds. When you have selected the one matching your needs then the technician from the store would come to your house and take the measurements and then only you could get the blinds suiting the size of your windows.
  • All this could not be done through an online store. But, the scenario has completely changed today. The online stores too are offering a wide range of customizable window blinds to their consumers. The hassles that were involved in buying the custom blinds from a brick and mortar store have been taken care of, because once you have decided the color and the type of blinds for your windows the measurements can be taken by you and the blinds will be sent to you directly.
  • The measurement guide and the installation guide are provided to you by the online store. Almost all the stores are also providing you with the samples of the blinds at your doorsteps.

How to measure your windows correctly?
Before taking the measurement you must make a decision about what type of mounting you want for the custom blinds that you are ordering. There are two types of mounting

  • Inside mounting: this is for the windows that have depth. It gives a neater look as well as allows space for curtains if you want. Measure the width at three spots top, middle and bottom.
  • Outside mount: the outside mount is opted for when the windows lack depth. Add at least 1.5” for the hardware to the vertical measurement.

There are a few things you must remember while measuring the length and the breadth of the windows that you are ordering the blinds for

  • First and the foremost thing is that you must use a steel tape to measure your windows. The steel tape is sturdy and is not affected as much with the temperature and the stretching forces during the process of measuring as compared to the plastic ones.
  • You must round off the measurement of the window to the nearest eighth of the measurement.
  • To make sure that the measurement is accurate you must measure twice. After writing down the first measurement you should measure again to check the accuracy.
  • You must understand that all the windows measure different no matter how similar they appear and therefore all of them must be measured individually.
  • Provide the manufacturer with exact measurements. They may need to make necessary deductions which will be based on the measurements you give them.

Finally, before installing the customized version of window blinds, you must first measure the width of the windows and then the height. It is an important thing to remember in order to get perfect fitting custom blinds.

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