Top 6 Advantages of Using Frosted Window Films

What is frosted window film?

Frosted window film is a very thin, self-adhesive plastic film pasted on glass windows for aesthetics as well as privacy. A brilliant alternative to net curtains, frosted window films is a popular choice and there is a plethora of patterns to choose from to suit your taste. Glass doors and windows frosted with intricate patterns is a popular contemporary interior designing trend. Frosted glass films look beautiful and they give a very elegant look to your interiors. Most importantly, these are easy to fix, cheap and lend your glass doors and windows the appearance of etched glass.

frosted window film

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of installing frosted films on your glass windows.

  • A wide range of designs:
  • Frosted window films are available in a range of patterns that are digitally cut. The computerized designs are uniform, precise and these are perfect to look at. The frosted areas are opaque or sometimes translucent and offer good privacy, while the glass allows a lot of natural light to pass into the room. This is in fact considered one of the biggest advantages of using frosted window films. The frosted films are available in a range of finishes and vibrant white ink. There is also an option of creating your own patterns by combining these different finishes to suit your taste.

  • Versatility:
  • Versatility is another great advantage of using frosted window films. Frosted films can be used in offices, homes, studios, bathrooms and other such areas and uplift the look of your interiors instantly. From floral, to edgy to geometric to even murals and figurines, there are thousands of patterns for you to choose from. Some vendors even offer customers the option of customizing their frosted window film designs. This adds a more personal touch to a living space. Therefore, it is a brilliant way to quickly and easily create an eye-catching feature in your rooms.

  • Easy to install:
  • Frosting your glass doors and windows is easy and inexpensive. The process does not require any special tools or equipment. Skilled professionals with a little bit of extra care can easily apply the frosting film.

  • Easy to clean:
  • Plain glass windows often need curtains or blinds, and at times these have to be professionally cleaned. This can be expensive and tedious. With frosted window films, you can completely do away with your curtains and blinds since the opaque areas provide optimum privacy while keeping your rooms illuminated naturally. Windows with frosted films are easy to clean using ordinary window cleaning solutions and therefore more affordable.

  • Savings on electricity:
  • Frosted window films allow a lot of natural light to pass through. Therefore, during the day there is hardly any need to switch on the lights and this is a direct saving on your electricity expenses. Also, in colder countries, frosted films act as insulators and help maintain normal temperature bringing down the need to switch on the heaters. This means savings on the heating bills.

  • Safe and durable:
  • Some frosted window films, especially the superior quality ones act as an efficient protector, making the glass tough and break-resistant during hailstorms or other adverse weather conditions. The films are highly durable and regular cleaning can keep them bright and shining.

Given the large number of advantages, frosted window films continue to hold a special place in the interior designing industry and there is always a steady demand for the product. If you are looking to get your windows covered in frosted films, before going ahead and purchasing them, it is wise to do some research. You can check out the options available on various websites or visit retail showrooms to understand which one perfectly suits your needs.

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