Types of Tracks for Commercial Curtains

Commercial curtains are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes and colors, and so are commercial curtain tracks – which help open and close curtains with a lot of ease. Lots of buyers who still use standard adjustable curtain rods face problems in deciding about the types of commercial or heavy-duty curtain tracks to use. Apart from the cost, the material of the track also needs to be considered. In order to assist buyers in determining the style of track they should use various curtains. Curtain tracks are generally classified into 4 main types.



Corded commercial curtain track

It can be used instead of adjustable steel residential rods that are used to hang curtains in residential or commercial establishments. These days, draperies are found to be heavier often – due to the implementation of heavy interlinings and blackout linings. These are able to save energy and reduce the entry of natural light. However, the higher weight places more stress than standard rods for hanging draperies. Corded curtain tracks allow draperies to be moved along trackers placed on gliders, which indicates that even bulky curtains can easily be operated. This type of system is perfect for curtains, which are delicate or light in color, as these can get damaged or soiled easily when handled too much.

Aluminum track

These are usually of the following types:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum rack – It is able to offer as much advantage as cord tracks and support weight more easily. Due to the presence of end pulleys and ball bearing carriers, the functionality of the draper is enhanced further.
  • Single channel track – It is another common type of aluminum track, which can be maneuvered with the aid of a baton affixed to the master carrier, or only by hand. The track design is basic, and there is no requirement for another channel for cord pulling. These are used frequently in hotels along with ball bearing carriers in order to be maintained easily.
  • Ceiling and wall mount tracks – There are also ceiling mount tracks and wall mount tracks available on the market. These tracks can accommodate headings of varied styles for curtains, like accordion fold, pinch pleated fold or ripple fold.
custom made curtains

Custom Made Curtains

Cubicle track

It is another track style, and utilizes circular as well as angularly bent curves better than tracks of other styles. These tracks for commercial curtains are commonly used for keeping work stations or beds separated in dental clinics and hospitals, and can also be used in managing privacy curtains in dressing regions. Such kinds of tracks are mostly ceiling mounted in form, and can be operated typically by using the hand to pull the drapery. Grommet draperies are frequently used along with this type of curtain track, and a mesh top is often also used with it.

Electric track

Electric curtain track is motorized in form, and can be activated with the aid of a light sensor, remote control or timer.

Such kinds of tracks are ideal for light regulation in

  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Conference centers

These are also perfect for people who are elderly and suffer from mobility issues.

When you choose a curtain track, you will have to consider quite a few things such as the method of mounting, style of operation, weight of the curtain, style of the curtain and more. When you consider the above 3 categories, you will find it easier to choose a proper option and not encounter any issues in the selection. You can ask the store owner or distributor you are buying from, and get guidance from him about how to choose the right commercial curtain track for your needs.

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