Semi Truck Repair – A Boon for On the Road Repairs and Services!

A Semi Truck is the combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi trailers for carrying freight. It’s popularly known as a transport truck, semi truck, eighteen wheelers, articulated lorry etc.

semi truck repair

Semi Truck Repair

Features of Semi Trucks

  • These are highly durable. They can travel under rough weather conditions on tough roads, and equipped with heavy loads. The companies that deals with construction and transportation business want these kinds of trucks so that the goods can be easily dealt with and there are no headaches of replacement and repairs. These trucks are engine tested to run for long distances without breaking down at all.
  • These are efficient too. These are surprisingly simple, light, and still these are built in a robust manner. The semi trucks are built in a manner that they assure fuel efficacy and extra mileage. This feature makes the innovative designs much lighter however robust than their initial counterparts.
  • These semi trucks are safe and these are comfortable for the persons driving it for long distances over rough terrains. This means that these semi trucks are put to intensive testing before they are okay for the long distance all-weather travelling over rough terrains and topography. Newer models are on the rise each day which adds much more safety and comfort to the driver and ensures less rattles over long distance travel.
  • Emergency brake handles are installed in the newer versions which again enhance the safety features of these trucks. There are semi trucks that have the Line Departure Warning System to alert the drivers when the trucks deviate from the normal drive course. This of course, saves lot of accidents and saves time also. These act as a boon to the drivers where there are dangerous bends and curves in the roads.
semi truck repair

Semi Truck Repair

Semi Truck Repairs and Services

There are lots of mobile services available on the go that specialize in learning about the truck repairs problem, analyzing it and then repairing the same, if possible on the road. These servicing and repairing companies concentrate on repairing the semi trucks in a single trip. They carry a lot of repair inventory and tool kits in their loaded trucks. This of course, means that a lot of time and effort is saved in hauling the semi trucks for repairs and then getting them back on the road from where they developed the repair. This saves a lot of mileage and time.  However, some cases warrant special parts to be ordered. In such a case the vendors do assure that these parts are ordered and delivered within set standards and time limits. Commercial semi truck repairs are more professional than ever before.

These semi truck repairs entail –

  • Building crimp air lines
  • Building fuel lines and checking them properly
  • High pressure hydraulic lines – checking repairing, etc.
  • Differential repairs and servicing works such as checking the clutch, transmissions, brakes wherever needed.
  • The repair trucks carry transmission jacks for the above mentioned works and these are equipped with a crane for top end jobs pertaining to the semi truck repairs also.
  • Elton scanners are carried by the repairs and servicing companies that also diagnose electrical issues as well as issues with electronic transmissions while these semi trucks ply on the road.
  • Tires services such as checking tire alignment, tire rotation and balancing, tire puncture, nitrogen tire repair and services. Engine services include drive belt replacements if need be and inspection, inspection of fan belt, serpentine belt, timing belt, heater hose, radiator hose, etc. Apart from this these companies also check the battery, filters, engines, lights, axles, etc.


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