What Is Hydronic Heating? Advantages for Hydronic Heating System

Hydronic heating is a comfortable, safe, flexible and economical way of heating home. Basically, Hydronic systems operate on the concept of hot water. They circulate hot water through radiators, baseboards or radiant tubing through the floors or ceilings. There are several advantages of heating up homes using a hydronic system:

hydronic heating

Hydronic Heating

  • The heat is distributed evenly in a room. There won’t be any hot or cold spots or any kind of drafts.
  • You can forget about dust particles or allergens; which is the case seen in central air conditioning or even individual room air conditioners.
  • It is a major space saver. The system does not involve any bulky ductwork which might reduce the area of your house.
  • This system includes heating zones. This lets you customize the levels of heating that you want and in each room individually.
  • You could use a single system to heat up your home as well as your domestic supply.
  • In very cold climatic conditions, you can make use of the floor radiant heating and keep your feet cozy and warm. Conveniently, you could also heat up towel racks, so no more freezing up after a cold shower. You could use the system for your pools too. So summer sports like swimming can still be enjoyed in the winter.

Now, let us see how this system does its magic:

This Hydronic heating system heats up the water and transfers it through sealed pipes to radiators which are fitted throughout the home. It heats up water at the source using efficient gas boilers. Once it has done its so-called duty, the water is brought back to be reheated and through a reticulating system. Modern technology will help the heat to be emitted exactly when and where it is required. Also, there are several configurations possible with this system. You could use a very simple system with a tank style heater or two or more boilers which might operate in stages. You could keep separate heating systems for the domestic supply as well as heating system; or a single system could be used too.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic Heating Systems

Now every hydronic system needs some basic gadgets or appliances which are as follows-

  • The boiler which is needed to heat up the liquid
  • The liquid is generally used in the water. However, some systems also use other liquids or antifreeze mixes. Glycol is the most commonly used.
  • The plumbing manifold which is connected to the thermostat is the core for the direction of water flow or the temperatures.
  • Plastic tubing or PEX is mostly used in these kinds of systems; though other piping systems or copper tubes may also be used.
  • Another important element is the radiator, the baseboard heaters or the in floor elements that brings the heat inside the homes.
  • A pump is definitely required to circulate the heated liquid so that the warmth is a constant factor.

Now, the above elements can be matched up with various options depending on what kind of system you exactly require for your home.

Hydronic heating systems are very energy efficient and so the Government has established certain tax incentives for the ones that install such energy efficient heating systems. Thus, even if you feel that the initial investment for installing such systems is high; these tax breaks can make it easier for you. It will bring down the time frame for recouping the costs.

The best possible thing would be to speak to a professional. Talk to a heat and air specialist in your area and get an estimate and find out what exactly you need for your home. Such heating systems are a long term investment and can only do you good.

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