Why install Frameless Shower Screens and How to Choose Good Ones?

A frameless shower screen is a type of shower screen that comes without rubber seals or frames. These are contained indoors and shower screens, and this prevents the buildup of too much grime and dirt in the display screen. As compared to other types of shower screens, frame varieties happen to be costlier. However, the transparent and clean glass can make your bathroom apparently bigger and more sophisticated. If you are ready to invest in nothing but the best, it will be good to buy and install these screens.

Frameless shower screens Balnarring

Frameless shower screens Balnarring

How to Choose the Right Frameless Shower Screens?

Type of Door – While selecting a new frameless shower screen, it is important to consider which kind of door will be ideal for your bathroom.

  1. Pivot door – It ensures a seamless 2-way operation, and is perfect for bathrooms having greater interior space.
  2. Fixed panel – This is a static glass panel which is fixed to a wall and can offer you a shower of walk-in style without any door. In contrast, you can swing out a fixed and swing panel in order to get enough access.
  3. Cornet Unit – In this type of system, an enclosed space of square shape is created with 2 or number of panels.
  4. Type of appearance – Your choice should also be determined by the type of look that you wish to create in the interior space. You may like to go for:

Clear glass screens – These can be cleaned up more easily, and can allow you to get a minimalist appearance for your own bathroom.

  1. Frosted glass screens – These offer the greater amount of privacy.
  2. Tinted glass-screens – These are colorful and attractive, but these obstruct the visual flow and make your bathroom look smaller. Soap scum can also be more noticeable in these screens.
shower screens mornington

Shower screens mornington

Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens

Find out why you should install these screens.

Ease of maintenance 

Such types of shower screens can be maintained and cleaned with great ease. When compared to the earlier styles of frames, such kinds of screens can be easily cleaned and the entire process takes up much less time. Unlike aluminum screens and other similar types of screens, these do not have stains accumulated that easily. You can simply use a wet rug to wipe down the dirt and using a little dishwashing detergent can make it look as clean as new.

Easy installation 

Once you buy these screens, you can be rest assured that the installation process will be easy. Whenever you buy a glass screen, the last thing that you would probably like to do is handle the installation all on your own. In some cases, you might like to handle the work but the process is not very easy. The setup process can be made easier by hiring professional glaziers, who possess the knowledge, tools and expertise to do a proper job.

Better appearance 

With these screens, you can also make our bathroom appear brighter and larger in appearance. A glass shower screen can let you see all the areas of your bathroom, and you can create a visually larger interior space. You will not have any curtains or any other illusions to obstruct your view and you can see anywhere – from the ceiling to the floor. Once you set these screens up properly, you can also control the brightness. Even in case you have only a small window in your bathroom, the light entering through it and reflecting on the screen can illuminate the entire space.


These screens are also more hygienic choices for your bathroom. Glass does not hold dirt and other germs for long, and mold or moss cannot develop on the surface. Naturally, there are no risks of allergies and infections. It is not important to sanitize it each time after bathing. You can get it cleaned after every 1 – 2 days, and not have to worry about any hygienic issues.

frameless shower screens mornington

Frameless shower screens mornington

I hope this guide will give you a much better idea to choose frameless shower screens. If you want to know more about then click here for details to get specific ideas and information on shower screen.

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