The Most Trusted Chain Conveyor Systems for Industries

Conveyor systems are the backbone of the production line as it deals or keeps on moving the manufactured goods or raw materials in a line to a definite spot. This process of transporting ready products and raw materials should be done timely to maintain the time bound work of any organization.

  • The most commonly used type of conveying systems are the chain conveyor systems as the kind of technology used in this system is familiar and easy to understand by most of the employees of any organization.
  • Chain conveyors are the arrangement of chain pieces connected to each other, driven by the motor, obtaining power from electricity, coal or diesel engines. Chain conveyors are best to be implied for transporting heavy units, such as grids, industrial containers, pallets, and boxes.
  • Most of the industries indulged and having requirement of conveying heavy units over their product lines, prefer to use chain conveyor systems, such as automotive industry.
Chain Conveyor Systems

Chain Conveyor Systems

Types of Chain Arrangement Used In Conveyor Systems

There are different kinds of chain arrangements used to facilitate industrial sectors ideally, as per the need of their production requirements. Every other type of chain conveyor arrangement is proficient in meeting the requirements of different production types. Some of the commonly used and known chain arrangement used in different conveyors systems is:

Standard Chain: It is a bar chain having flat sides so that it can provide even contact surfaces to the conveying units. The most beneficial aspect associated with this type of chain system is that the rate of wear and tear and damage of products with this particular type of chain system becomes very low. It has a much tighter wrap in comparison to that of the ‘double pitch chain’ and can be more easily adopted with various designs.

Padded Chains: The conveying surface of this chain system has a number of non-marring urethane padding which is very gentle with the sophisticated products while delivering it to the other end, such as glass sheets and painted products.

Power Twist Belt: It is a belt made in the shape of chain and acts similar to the chain conveyor systems movements as well. It is very quick and easy to install and maintain, as well as replacing it. It is mostly used at the industries dealing in fragile production such as wood and glass.

Poly Steel chain: this type of chain arrangement used in conveyor systems are employed with the industries which need a grease and oil free application of conveyor systems with their products, as the products may lose its quality standard by coming in contact with grease or oily substances.

Though, there are some other variants of chain conveyors such as attachment chains, rail top chain and table top chain, ideal to be employed according to the requirement of the production lines.

Chain Conveyor Systems

Chain Conveyor Systems

What are the top 6 advantages of chain conveyor systems?

  • Ideal for moving bulk material, from one to another end, easily.
  • It can easily deliver the odd shaped and heavy units under the product line of any organization.
  • Loads having irregular bottoms can be easily conveyed to other or predetermined ends, which is not possible with roller conveyors.
  • Joints of the chain can be replaced individually in case of damage, whereas, belt conveyors needs to replace entire belt which is costly and very annoying.
  • The length of the chain can be easily adjusted according to the required length of the assembly line.
  • It has a capacity of moving high loads conveniently and swiftly from one place to another.

The chain conveyor systems must use different types of pulleys which must be oiled and maintained from time to time. There are cases of accidents which might also occur if the conveyor systems are not repaired and maintained properly.

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