Types and Features of Modern Kitchen Designs

Gone are the days when kitchens were dreary workspaces. Today, they are central to everyday living. To meet the growing demand for kitchens, the manufacturers design it in the best possible way. Kitchens are usually designed out of wood and this makes them look sturdy and solid as well as more comfortable and appealing rather than concrete. However, due to a variety of advantages and benefits, other materials are being used in kitchens.

modern kitchen designs

Modern Kitchen Designs

Moreover, modern kitchens are those that use natural elements and that too in their natural form as far as possible. There are different kinds of kitchen designs. The trends are:

  1. Where there is white cabinetry and darker natural woods are used. The cabinets are replaced with overlay slab panel doors as well as with drawer fronts.
  2. The counter tops are made of light coloured marble or quartz and less granite. Even if granite is used, it is flamed or honed but not polished.
  3. The hardware consists with finger pulls. These are usually cut into the panel lip or a finger which is used to grab the top of the door. This reduces the visible clutter of the home.
  4. Appliances made of stainless steel are not only functional but also add long-term value. They are easy to maintain also.
  5.  Integrated appliances like refrigerators are used under the counter which is used for special work areas or it could have dishwashers which have small loads.
  6. The social kitchen is incorporated where there is a long island so that cooking, preparing and dining can be carried out on it. This allows the children to do their homework while their parent is getting the meal ready.
  7. Stainless steel finishes are the new in thing as they are easy to clean. Backsplashes are curtailed and stainless steel is used even on faucets so that it blends with the entire décor of the kitchen.
  8. The sink tops are integrated into the counter and this has various options to choose from including the number of bowls or the depth of the sink or the drain boards which are built in.
  9. The horizontally oriented grain is good to give the place a new look. The reason is that it allows the space to extend visually and lends its own personality to space.
  10. Pendant lighting is going away and not used in kitchens as it stops the focus on the island.
modern kitchen designs

Modern Kitchen Designs

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A modern kitchen needs to have the following features

  • These kitchens have the consistency of style.
  • These are simple and chic rather than very ornate. There are very little plays of textures, colours and patina.
  • These use natural materials as far as possible. The grain of the wood, the veins of marble are all used to accentuate the beauty of the natural materials.
  • It needs to have a flat panel door style which is called a slab door style.
  • The overlay cabinet construction should be frameless. The reason for it is that this is sleek. In this kind of construction, there is consistent spacing between the drawers and doors and even the cabinets.
  • The hardware used is usually integrated into the cabinet as well as into the tubular pulls. There are horizontal lines which usually are accentuated by the hardware which runs full length.
  • There is emphasis made on horizontal lines. There are floating panels used which again add to horizontal lines. The cabinet grooves too are horizontal.
  •  There are industrial elements which are used like untreated concrete walls or epoxy painted concrete floors or even the cabinets could be devoid of any ornamentation.

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