Some Essential Facts About Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy certificate is one of the essential documents needed when a vehicle is being sold, or even when an old vehicle needs to be re-registered. This is basically done to reduce the total number of non-maintained vehicles on the road. Sometimes it is used to get rid of a notice for defect in the vehicle.

Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificate

What is inspected before issue of the certificate?

The inspection usually checks the essential components of the vehicle and then issues the roadworthy certificate if everything is in order. The essential things that are checked in the inspection include several parts of the vehicle. The common things that are checked are explained below.

  • Wheels and tyre: The wheels, tyres and the rims must be completely free from cracks or any kind of minor damages. They must not be out of balance or buckled. The road wheel must never be of temporary use. The spokes in the wheel must be straight, intact and fitted correctly. The minimum depth of the tyres must be 1.5mm at any point. The size of the tyre must be totally compatible with the size of the rim.
  • Steering and suspension: The vehicle should drive straight completely without moving away from the path. The components of the steering must be properly mounted and free from any wear and tear and even from grease or dust. There must be sufficient space between the vehicular body and the suspension parts.
  • Braking system: All the brakes including the hand brake and emergency brake must be in proper condition. Park brakes must be able to keep the vehicle static. The brake lights and even the horn must be functioning properly. There should not be any leaks in the brake system.
  • Seats and seat belts: The seats should be in proper condition without any ends sticking out. The driver seat is checked with special attention. The seat sliders should also be in a proper condition. The seat belts should also be rightly intact.
  • Lights, reflectors and signals: Though the light requirement depends upon the type of vehicle but in general all the vehicles should have headlights, brake lights, front and rear lights, number plate, turn signals and several other essential components.
  • Windscreen and windows: The glasses that are essential to see the other vehicles and the road must be completely clean and free from any kind of damage. The windscreen and the wipers are to be in proper working condition. The washers must be positioned properly.
  • The structure of the car: The structure of the vehicle must be free from any kind of improper repair works, cracks and damage. The floor has to be free from any kind of loose particles, so that the driver does not face any issue while operating the vehicle.
Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificate

About roadworthy certificate

The certificate is necessary not only for the seller as well as buyer of the vehicle but also for the general safety of the public on road. Most of the accidents occur when the vehicle is not roadworthy. It is one of the essential documents you need to have for driving. There are several vehicles that are not fit to run on the road. It is essential to undergo a roadworthy test for every vehicle at least once in a year.

These licenses are cannot be renewed after a certain time, and then you have to get a new certificate issued. It is mandatory to present the document when the ownership of the vehicle gets changed. Usually the dealer who handles the changing of ownership takes care of these issues, but if it is a private dealing you must be aware of the information. It is completely against the rules to drive without a roadworthy certificate and you will be heavily penalized if caught.

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