Choose the Best Whipper Snipper as Your Lawn Mowing Tool

A whipper snipper also commonly known as a “line trimmer”, “weed whip” or “string trimmer” is highly useful lawn mowing or garden trimming equipment. It is a garden trimmer that is equipped with an adjustable monofilament string that is used instead of cutting blades in order to trim grasses or remove weed plants from the garden. It is especially useful for working on irregular surfaces. It is composed of a cutting head that remains attached to a long shaft or rod ending in a handle and is often accompanied by shoulder belt for attachment.

The rotating head of a whipper snipper also called the cutting head used centrifugal force to trim or remove small plants like weeds and grasses. It rotates in such a great speed that it easily chops the weeds from their places. The cutting head of some models of the string trimmers come in U or Star shapes that facilitate the slashing of small herbs. These new age trimmers are way more efficient compared to vertical trimmers in cleaning or mowing tricky areas of the garden like those along the walls and fences. These are very labour efficient tools.

Whipper Snipper

Whipper Snipper

Types of string trimmers:

Whipper snipper is mainly available in three models depending on power source-

  • Petrol operated: These models are best suited for big lawns and large gardens. If your lawn is filled with large and strong grasses then you must go for the petrol operated trimmers. These trimmers can be refilled quickly and fuelling these is easy. These whipper snipper models often come with curved shafts that are more useful for domestic purpose whereas the ones containing straight shafts are more useful for really large public gardens where more heavy duty cutters and more powerful operations are requires. The ones with see-through fuel tanks are most efficient ones as these allow you to constantly monitor the fuel level. Refilling such tanks is simpler as the petrol level in the tank remains constantly visible. There are two stroke and four stroke variations of this model, where the four stroke ones are more powerful and environment friendly. Both clutch operated and clutch-less models are available thoughclutch operated models are safer.
  • Battery operated or cordless:  The battery operated or cordless whipper snipper is best suited for small urban and sub-urban households with smaller gardens. It is best for domestic usage, is less powerful compared to the petrol operated models and is suitable for light foliages. The key benefit is that it causes less pollution, is more user-friendly and does not require the constant fuel refilling. A battery powered line trimmer with advanced batteries once charged remains active for a good number of days.
  • Electricity operated: Electrically powered string trimmers are somewhat alike battery operated models in terms of functionality and power however they remain attached to power cords. They are less popular but however come with very compact and space saving designs.

The model you choose depends upon the shape and surface area of your garden, the geographical terrain of your zone, type of weed, herbs and grasses, and types obstacles present on the mowing surface, etc.

The price of a whipper snipper varies not only according to models but according to features as well. There are string trimmers loaded with safety features and safety guards that help in limiting the amount of flying debris. The length of the cutting head is also a key feature of string trimmer models. The length of cutting head must be chosen depending on the size of the garden you intended to operate this equipment.

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