How to Install Sliding Gate in Your Home?

Many people get startled when they hear that homeowners are installing their sliding gate by themselves and that too without the surveillance of any expert. But the fact is, installing a sliding gate in your home is not a rocket science and if you follow some proper steps, then you can easily install with ease. You just need to buy the sliding gate parts along with some materials, which will be used during the installation process. For tools, you can either purchase or borrow it from your friend. But it is really a complicated process for the novice person, and it is better to hire some sliding gate installation service or you can also talk to the retailer about the installation process.

Sliding Gate

Sliding Gate

How could you find the Best Sliding Gate for your Property?

Many homeowners use sliding gates throughout the world, and it is an intriguing home improvement item which you can add value to your property. Most of the homeowners prefer to add a manual sliding gate, but in future, you can convert your manual gate into electrically operated one by just adding one motor. When you go out in the market, you will find the varied type of sliding entrances available in the market, but most of the houses use either single side sliding or bi-parting entrance.

Essential Tools and Parts Needed for Installation

Most of the parts needed for installing sliding gates can be easily bought from local stores or online market. You will need parts like fence post, robust bolt, wheel housing, and some good amount of cement, sand, stabilizer bracket, steel parts, and operator for sliding the gate, mooring point, v-groove wheels and an end pointer.

The tools list in not very long and most of the things you will find it either in your tool box or at friend’s house. Tools you will need are measuring tape, line level, string lines, screwdriver, spade and many other essential things.

Sliding Gate in Home

Sliding Gate in Home

Installing a Sliding Gate in Your Home

  • In the beginning, you need to place sliding track where the gate would roll, and you should measure the area so that it can be completely functional. You should first dig out a hole of 8 inches with a good gap in between, and the trench should be bigger than the gap. Then you should fill the hole with steel and to make the steel firm in its place, you should put it inside the concrete mix. After some time, you should lay the bolts, and then put the track on the center line and pad it with anchor bolts.
  • After the first step, you should place the guideline in such a way that it is parallel to the center line. Now, you have to make two trenches for putting gate operator and slider guide. Then you should place the two posts according to your measurement and pad up the roller arms along with gate operator on the slider guide. Then at the end of slider guide, you need to place the gate catcher.
  • To finalize everything, you need to pad up the slider guide with a bolt at each post and also join the stabilizer bracket with the slider guide. After this, you need to place the gate over the track and pad the v-groove wheels to the wheel box. For proper functioning, you should put the chain set at the appropriate position and slider guide in the guide rail. You shouldn’t forget to bolt the slider guide platform with the gate operator so that the gate can role freely.

You can follow these three steps, to easily install sliding gates in your home.

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