4 Amazing Types of Prefab Homes

Prefab homes or more popularly known as the pre-fabricated homes have emerged as one of the brilliant solutions over the permanent ones. As these are made of steel frames, they are easy to assemble and are cost effective too. In simple language, you can say that these are the modular homes that are built as per the standards of Home Construction and Safety Standards. Just like your permanent homes these can be designed in different ways that grab the attention of the people. As the entire line of construction can be transported therefore it is one of the finest options people are going for.


Prefab Homes

In the category of prefab homes, there are different types of options available so we will look at all the choices.

Modular Prefab Homes

The first kind of prefab homes include the modular ones where different units are manufactured at the same place and then transported to the desired destination where they are put together. For example, different pieces like your doors, staircase, plumbing etc are brought to the permanent place and then assembled together to complete the home. The best part is that nothing much needs to be done and assembling it is quite simple. It has emerged as one of the superb choices, over the years.

The time taking for the entire construction is about 3-4 months which is very less and you can also move it to another location without any problem. Theere fore, this option is gaining a lot of popularity.

Shipping Container

Then you have the next type of prefab homes which is the shipping container made of steel and comes in a number of appealing designs. The best part of these homes is that it can be put together in a nice way and you can choose from the wide number of designs as per your choice. The design is quite powerfuland sturdy enough for being, a durable choice. So if you are looking for something that is different than your search ends here.

Penalized Homes

In the case of these homes, every part after completion is moved to the desired location and put together. So as the different parts get completed, the same is transported to be fitted together. Once the entire home is set up, the flooring, plumbing etc are done on the site itself thus giving your home a finished touch. The only difference is that there are more parts of construction as compared to the modular one but the amount of time taken is almost similar.


Prefab Homes Brisbane

The main fitting is constructed in about a month and then rest of the interior takes around 3 months to complete. Thus, to complete the construction and move into your house, almost 4 months are required.

Pre-Cut Homes

Last but not the least, is the pre-cut homes wherein the different sections of your home are designed in the construction factory and then transported to the site to get assembled. You can build the pre-cut homes on your own too and that is why it is also a great choice for the homeowners. If you are looking for DIY homes then you should go for this choice which is surely a decent one. You get the kit along with the instructions so you have toonly follow the same and you are done.

These are the 4 types of prefab homes you will come across. These require much less labour compared to conventional houses, so now it is your choice as which kind of home appeals you the most or which one is better. You can easily make your decision as per your requirements and the budget.

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