Sandstone: Best Option to Choose for Construction Materials

When it comes to sandstone rock choosing the building material, sandstone is the first material that comes to one’s mind because of its high quality and weather resistance properties, which last for many years to come. They are composed of sand primarily. When sand layers are cemented together, a rock is formed called as sandstone. They can be formed in various colors such as red, tan, brown, yellow, greenish, pinkish, and bluish. Chemically the types of sandstone are as follows:

Sandstone Rock

Sandstone Rock

  • Quartzose sandstone made from 90% quartz
  • Arkosic sandstone made from 25% feldspar
  • Argillaceous sandstone made from silt or clay- these are generally blue or grey in color.

The most common color seen in sandstones is red and there are many shades of red such as brown, tan. Next common color of sandstone is yellow.

Why Sandstone is Used in Constructions

The most common form of sandstone used in many construction applications is the crushed form. Also, sandstone is used in slab form for flooring purposes. The crushed stones are used mainly for making roads and public properties like bridges etc. The slabs or blocks are used for constructing buildings and create a classy and rugged look.

In fact, sandstone is called the building material of the future. There are lots of advantages of using sandstone for construction purposes. Have a look at some of them:

  • There is no leakage of chemical waste
  • These stones are recyclable
  • They reduce carbon footprint
  • They come various colors, styles, and textures
  • They have great characteristics which make them highly durable and dense, thus withstanding temperature variations and different weather elements
  • They are low maintenance
  • Sandstone darkens a little in color with passing time
  • Sandstone is also a lighter stone than granite while making its handling easier than other stones such as limestone and granite

Over many years of use also, sandstone does not lose its color, texture or form, and withstands changes in pH in the air or precipitation, and thus goes on and on.

Uses of Sandstone in Construction

If you are planning to create a floor or wall, a balustrade or portico, pavement etc, then sandstone is the best option for construction and one of the best material options to choose is sandstone for many reasons described above. Another good reason is, it is economical compared to other fancy stones and tiles, which may require more careful handling and frequent cleaning, polishing, and maintenance than sandstone.

Sandstone is such a material which can be polished to any extent to give the desired look to your building. You may use it both as an exterior decorator, and also equally perform well on inner floors, in place of tiles. The pavers made from this stone are highly weather and temperature resistant. And you can put heavy weights on it, without fear of cracking or damaging the stone.



It is again a great material for making artistic carvings, creating designing statues, and also for making carved ceilings, walls etc. While it is tough and hard, it can be fabricated to accommodate any shape or size, thus being a good canvas for any creative design making. What are the reasons why sandstone is not just good for constructions and buildings, but also as tombstones?


If you study old buildings and monuments, you would find the use of sandstone rock in most of them, mainly for the hardy and yet sculpture-friendly characteristics of sandstone, which makes it one of the best choices for construction work in all ages. It still holds equal importance even when there are many other choices in natural stones and manmade pavers.

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