Some Unknown Facts Related to Kubota

Just like many players in the industry, our very well-known tractor manufacturer Kubota, also works through a perfect distribution network and dealers in several countries. This wide network of the Kubota dealers helps the company to manage the sales, parts as well as repairs of their products. This working approach helps the company to keep their market value intact along with the image of the brand.

The company is popular in the market for the high-quality tractors that they manufacture. However, there are several facts which people are still unaware about in regard to the same.

Kubota Manufacture

Kubota Manufacture

Some of the unknown facts of Kubota are as the following:

  • You will be surprised to know that the company is not a decade old one instead it is ruling the market for more than a century now. Kubota started the journey back in the year 1890.
  • Tractors have not been their main line product from the very first day. Actually, the company was started with the idea of manufacturing castings for the heavy equipment in the industry.
  • Kubota started manufacturing engines when the name of engines was alien to the people, i.e. in the year 1922. Agro-industrial oil-based engines were the first ones in the list of many engines which they have manufactured till now.
  • Japan was the very first market they won over in their starting days. It is believed that Kubota is the first company which manufactured and commercialized the very first farm tractor in Japan.
  • They have diversified their business through products such as vending machines. Some people also suggest that Kubota also manufactured vending machines in the early 60s.
  • After settling in Japan, Kubota, through Kubota dealers, first entered the US market in the year 1969 with the product namely L200 which was 21 horsepower.
  • The overall structure of the company has increased since its incorporation. As per the report from 2008, the company has employed more than 24000 people in the whole wide world.
  • A range of products sold by the Kubota are manufactured in the USA. Products like ZD diesel zero turns and Kubota RTV recreational vehicles are the main products manufactured in the USA.
  • They are not only working in the product market, in fact Kubota also owns as well as sponsors a professional rugby team in Japan. “Kubota Spears” is the name of the team.
  • Another surprising fact about the company is their beliefs and dedication towards the Mother Nature. Kubota is involved in the making of the Solar Ark. Solar Ark is a museum as well as a leader in the industry of solar energy.


Now, since you are aware about the unknown facts, let’s discuss the reason for buying their tractors either through Kubota dealers or directly from the company.

  • Can lift heavy weights. You will be amazed to know that with the help of Kubota tractors manufacturer, along with the loader, you can lift more than 1000 lbs of weight. This can help a lot of people in construction as well as in agricultural industry.
  • It can help you with the simple yet gruesome work of snow removal as well. Just attach the right tool with the tractor and all the snow will be removed in no time and buy putting in a very little effort.
  • Comes up with loads of attachments. Kubota tractor is like jack of several trades. Just use the right attachment and you can work out numerous tasks in hand which requires heavy lifting and a lot of hard work. It is like a helping hand in a machinery form.
  • As per the research, most of the people in the industry trust tractors bought from Kubota dealers as these tractors can certainly work around several tasks.

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