How to Make Air Conditioning More Efficient?

As the summer approaches, it is a natural human tendency to avoid the heat and look for comfortable shelters. When technology meets comfort, we can proceed with making the use of these conditioners effective. The process of heating and cooling in an artificial manner involves a lot of energy intake and output. Air conditioning can also prove to be energy efficient if used in the incorrect way.


Air Conditioning

It can be done by following few simple steps. You can always schedule a timely maintenance check-up. Mark the dates on the calendar and then proceed with the changes.

Ten Ways to Keep in Mind in Order to Make Air Conditioning More Effective

During summers, it gets very hard to stay without air conditioners. Your physical energy starts draining out during summers. Air conditioning has become more of an in the recent times than luxury. Due to air conditioners, your electricity bill can reach up to great heights, but by following the steps mentioned below, you can make your air conditioner work more efficiently.


Air Conditioners

  • There is a variation in temperature during the day than during the night. The temperature must be set between 24-25 degrees to save electricity bill. Switch off the air conditioners once the room gets cooled. Also, set the air conditioning mode as sleep mode at night. Sleep mode consumes the least energy.
  • If you don’t want to cool your entire house, install air conditioners to those rooms where you specifically need it. If you overload your air conditioners, it will utilize a lot of energy.
  • Old houses tend to have a lot of ventilation. All the ventilation and small open spaces must be covered up. The air coming out of the cooler won’t go to waste if the air conditioners are on.
  • Every electrical appliance needs some kind of service. When you do servicing, the energy intake capacity increases. Birds have a tendency to build their nests behind the air conditioners. Proper maintenance of the air conditioners needs to be done to prevent such kind of issues.
  • Insulate all the ducts that are present at your house. Keeping them insulated, would allow cool air to pass through directly to the room without undergoing any wastage.
  • For the air conditioning to function at an optimal level, it must be set at seventy eight degrees. Manufacturers have recently introduced air conditioners which have the option of climate control.
  • When the air conditioners are on, fans must be seldom used. Using both fans and air conditioners simultaneously can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • The entry of natural light can cut short the bill. But if there is nobody in the room, then it is advisable to keep the curtains of the rooms close. This would save the room from getting heated up. Thus, later when you switch on the air conditioner, it would take less time to cool the room.
  • Also, try using a dehumidifier. Whenever you feel that the temperature of the room is rising then you should use the dehumidifier to lessen down the level of humidity. The temperature would become cool if the humidity lessens.

Lastly, the placement of the air conditioners in your room must in such a way that it receives the least sunlight. According to various reports, the perfect location of air conditioners must be on the north side of the house. The air conditioning is better if there are small flower pots or plants placed around the AC, but ensures that the plants are placed on the sides rather than near the AC vent.


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