Know Vividly On How To Render A Refreshing Look To The Entertaining Areas With Cafe Blinds

Cafe blinds allow you to make the most of your outdoor entertaining areas regardless of whether you are using them for a restaurant or cafe. Increasingly popular in restaurants and cafes and a great solution to rain and wind, the durable cafe blinds allow you to make the most of your outdoor area whilst preventing wind, sunrays and rain. The Cafe Blinds allow you to stylishly integrate your outdoor and indoor entertaining areas. They are suitable to enclose patios, verandahs and balconies or even to fit against windows. These blinds are useful and practical even at your own home, creating a sheltered outdoor area or an extension upon your existing undercover areas without added building costs. Easy to use and easy to clean, the cafe blinds are a fantastic solution to your outdoor entertaining options.

Cafe Blinds

You can choose from Zip Trak Blinds, Zip Screen Blinds or Zippered Blinds, all of which are sure to blend seamlessly with the existing décor and improve your outdoor setting. The Zip Trak blinds are a fantastic option if you are looking for something a little more permanent. Easy to use, they can be adjusted with a latch to extend and contract during different weather conditions. They are available in sheer screens or PVC, perfect both for your own home and for commercial eateries.

Features of Cafe Blinds:

  • They are also known as Zip Trak Awnings, Zip screen Awnings, Zippered Awnings and straight drop awnings.
  • The materials used are PVC fabric, commercial grade screen fabric, Acrylic fabric or canvas.
  • They can span up to 4500mm wide.
  • They can be motorized.
  • They can be made with removable posts to put them alongside.
  • They are ideal for enclosing patios, decks and entertaining areas.
  • They can be operated with a crank handle or rope and pulley system or motorized.
  • They can be operated with spring assisted ease.
  • No council approval is needed.

Advantages of Zip Trak Cafe Blinds:

The Zip Trak Cafe Blinds has no zips, no ropes, no straps, and no buckles and are very easy to use. They can have either a manual or a remote controlled system. They keep areas warm in winter and cool in summer, so you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle no matter what the season is. Pull down and push up is very easily achieved. It’s very easy to protect yourself from the elements of nature with Zip Trak blinds.

What makes Zip Trak unique?

Cafe Blinds

  • Easy-to-use– Zip Trak stops and stays in any position without locks using a special spring balance system. For extra ease of use, Zip Trak blinds are also available with remote operated electric motor, making a simple process even more simpler.
  • Endless UsageQuality fabrics and materials allow you to use them in outdoor areas all year round.
  • All-Weather ProtectionZip Trak cafe blinds have a solution for your home or business to guard against high winds, heat and sun as well as UV rays, and cold weather.
  • Environmentally FriendlyZip Trak helps to cut down your energy usage by keeping areas warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Make your Zip Trak Remote controlled.

Your Zip Trak system can be motorized, and we are now additionally offering the amazingly simple and environmental Solar-Smart automation solution for Zip Trak blinds. Solar-Smart system is the most advanced green technology in solar powered outdoor blind automation. It requires no hard wiring and is totally independent of the main electrical power.

Thus, working from the bottom up, cafe blinds allow light to flow freely into a room while helping you maintain privacy, making your home feel elegantly unique. Fitted perfectly, they give a neat finish to any room in your home or the cafes with no hanging cords for additional safety.

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