Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

There are a number of agents are responsible for the blocked drains. These agents and foreign bodies get struck in the pipes and block them. If these agents are not treated on time or are left as it is, it can further cause many severe problems. It can lead to blocked drains, burst pipes, water overflow and other such problems. You cannot simply get rid of such issues. Once you are aware of the fact that what causes the blocked drains, then you can avoid the situation.

Here Are A Few Causes of Blocked Drains That You Should Be Aware Of:

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

#1. Roots of trees

This is the biggest and the most common cause of the blocked drains. Whenever, there are big trees and plants that are deep rooted in your garden area or nearby, the roots tend to spread out because of the closest availability of the water through drains, sewers, and pipes. Thus, they extend towards these water sources and cause blockages in the drains. Therefore, you must always keep a check on these issues.

#2. Toiletries

Often, we flush toilet papers and toiletries such as diapers, sanitary napkins, wipes, and even condoms into the drain. These further cause blocked drains. They do not dissolve when flushed out in the drains. Besides, they get stuck in the pipes and accumulate inside causing trouble in the smooth flow of water. Therefore, always throw these things in dustbin and do not flush these items.

#3. Cooking grease

Oily food, cooking grease and fatty substances are one of the biggest causes of the blocked drains. Therefore, you need to ensure that you do not let pass them down the drains. Make sure that these are thrown and disposed of in dustbin or else, they will block the pipes. These substances are responsible for blocking the passage and flow of the water. Never pour down the leftover grease in the sink and pipes.

#4. Natural debris

Yet another common cause of the blocked drains are the natural debris that get accumulated over the period of time. These may occur after any major storm, excessive rainfall, water, leaves, soil, and debris. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the pipes and drains to get rid of the accumulated debris. The gutters and drains pipes need to be cleaned up on time.

#5. Foreign objects

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Children often put some stuffed toys, and other such things in the toilets. Therefore, you must carefully look after kids what they are flushing out. Teach the kids about not to flush out the toys and other objects. This can create quite havoc in the plumbing system. Therefore, avoid flushing down any foreign object. You must be careful in flushing down the objects like wipes, diapers, and other such things down the drains.

#6. Hair accumulation

Hair accumulation is one of the biggest causes of the blocked drains. Therefore, make sure, you clean the bathroom fittings and stop this type of buildup. These can be cleaned with the help of hydro-jets and the snakes and drain catcher and clean the bathtub and fittings. These common causes need to be treated well in advance. However, there are certain home remedies that can be used like using cleaner and other such things to clean the drains.

Here are some of the major and the most common reasons that causes the blocked drains. It is better to avoid them to get the optimum results. By avoiding them, you will ensure that there are no blockages in the drains. Always be careful of these issues and call the professionals in case you face any trouble with the drains.

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