Maintenance Management In Crane Maintenance and its Spare Parts

The maintenance management system is used to keep an equipment, or a group of equipment run smoothly so that it can lessen the probability of accidents in the work place. There is no guarantee that the maintenance management will curb the accidents from taking place or there will be no sudden breakdown of the equipment in the workplace. However, it will ensure there is least probability of the same if you deploy the maintenance management system.

Crane Spare Parts

Crane Spare Parts

There are different types of the maintenance management system and crane maintenance can also incorporate one or more types of the maintenance management system for the safety of the workers at the work site.

#1. Preventive maintenance: To put it in a simple manner, preventive maintenance is defined as the maintenance that is regularly performed on the equipment so that the equipment has a lower chance of failing or break down at the work place while working. Crane spare parts also play a key role in preventive maintenance and you should always keep these crane spare parts handy so that during inspection, you can replace the components, if necessary. Preventive maintenance itself can be of two types.

  • Time based preventive maintenance: It is the maintenance based on time. Inspection of the critical part of the crane for example, the hoist, timely maintenance will prevent breakdown of the whole chain system and avoid the chance of accident at work place. In the event of a breakdown, there may be unavailability of the parts, so you should always keep essential crane spare parts handy.
  • Usage based preventive maintenance: The usage based preventive maintenance is deepened upon how much hours or days the crane is used. After a certain level of usage hours, the crane is inspected at the vulnerable parts. Both types of crane maintenances take place on a regular basis. And, it is important to conduct these maintenances to keep the equipment running smoothly. Therefore, you should keep crane spare parts ready at the time of need.

#2. Routine maintenance: Routine maintenance are the small-scale activities, which will help to keep the crane run smoothly. It could be lubrication of the crane hoist or other types of regular checks which will allow the crane to work at the optimum level. If some parts need replacement, then routine maintenance also allows to replace it in a small spectrum. You will need to keep crane spare parts ready at times of these events so that if some part of the equipment is not working properly, then the routine maintenance will be able to pick it up and you will not be in a difficult position as, you will already have the crane spare parts.

Crane Spare Parts and Maintenance

Crane Spare Parts and Maintenance

#3. Compliance inspection: Compliance inspection ensures that the equipment is fulfilling the regulations and the safety features set by the authorities. These are performed by various entities and they served the goal of making sure that the crane meets all the necessary requirements that the standards do ask for. There are many objectives of compliance inspection.

  • Such types of inspection ensure the safety of the equipment. Inspect the crane to see the safety aspects of the crane.
  • It also reduces the liability of the crane system. If the crane is fulfilling the compliance inspection, then on the occasion of any unfortunate events, it will reduce the liability of the crane as standards are met according to the compliance inspection.
  • It also increases the longevity factor for the crane. Since these inspections reflect the fault in the system, rectifying them will ensure that the crane will be running in optimum condition.
  • It also improves the productivity aspect and reduces the probability of repair which could be expansive.

Thus, it is imperative to adhere to the crane maintenance regime and keep the crane spare parts handy to avoid any sudden breakdowns and glitches.

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