Gel Pressure Relief Cushion And How It Works

Nowadays, back pain is one big problem that people with age or too much work or people continue working in front of a computer tend to face. Back pain can occur in several regions like hip region which includes coccyx pain, slipped disc pain and sciatica pain. Lower back pain, on the other hand, requires immediate attention and treatment as these aches take a huge toll with time, if not treated properly and in time. A simple solution to all these problems is a gel pressure relief cushion. These cushions give better support to the back, thus eliminating pain. The gel pressure relief cushion is a quick solution to all these painful problems relating to the lumbar region. There are a variety of gel pressure cushions available in the market. They come in different shapes and have different work purposes. For example, the ergonomic shape relief cushion helps the pelvis to tilt forward and improves sitting posture of a person and corrects the alignment of the spine while sitting.


Gel Pressure Relief Cushion

Why is it helpful?

Pressure redistribution is very important for people with a risk of pressure ulcers and those with bedsores. A lot of problems like hip pain, lower back pain or any other lumbar region pain can be nullified if the pressure is redistributed properly among the muscles and tissues. Gel pressure relief cushions are made in a way which helps in eliminating pain by redistributing the pressure exerted while sitting. The high tech technology and the successful formula are designed particularly to redistribute the pressure evenly.

How Does The Gel Pressure Relief Cushion Work?

While sitting on any type of cushion, there are a number of interacting factors determining whether it is clinically safe, comfortable and functional when it comes to handling the pain. Many of these factors are often interrelated and some factors are attributed to the properties of the cushion, whereas others to the needs of the user. Factors that affect comfort include:

  • Poor distribution of stresses in soft tissues
  • Heat accumulation and loss
  • Moisture accumulation
  • Compromised stability.

Other factors that determine functionality include:

  • Weight of the cushion
  • Stability provided by it
  • Frictional properties of the cushion and its cover
  • Cushion thickness
  • Appearance
  • Cost
  • Durability and the need for user maintenance

Again there are factors that determine clinical safety which includes:

  • Poor distribution of stresses on soft tissues
  • Moisture accumulation
  • Frictional properties of the cover of the cushion and the cushion itself
  • Stability provided by it
  • Heat accumulation and loss in the cushion
  • Durability and the need for user maintenance
  • Flammability

These are the basic factors that a gel pressure relief cushion takes care of. The gel inside the cushion helps in the redistribution of pressure and thus coordinates it with the body pressure. This redistribution helps in reducing pain and makes the sitting comfortable for the person concerned.

There is a huge variety of gel pressure relief cushions available in the market. These cushions are specifically used for serious back problems and therefore is available for different seating area like normal chairs, wheelchairs etc. Selecting the perfect gel pressure relief cushion is a handy task as there are too many options available and it is very important for one to understand the working of it. Once one understands the working of it and understands the specifications, it is easier to choose one for your required needs while purchasing it. Gel pressure relief cushion are a technological blessing to cure severe pains and back problems. This cushion comes handy for not only for elderly people but also for people facing pressure problems. Back problems and pain is not something to be ignored since it can get worse with time. The gel pressure relief cushion is the fastest and reliable quick solution available for such pain and problems.


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