Benefits Of Using A Concrete Pump

Concrete Pumps are used to transfer liquid concrete by the method of pumping. The concrete pumping machines have dominated the construction industry so far and they have made the process of building taller buildings easier. Before concrete pumping came into play, cranes were used to lift one bucket at a single time which delayed the entire process and did not produce efficient results. The construction industry always needs a lot of accuracy and precision while constructing and at the same time they need to produce quick results with lower costs. Concrete pumping is the one machine which provides all the solutions to these problems. It helps in pouring concrete exactly where it is needed and to suit different purposes there are two different pumping machines – boom pumps and line pumps. Each type serves different purposes and hence is suitable under different conditions.

Earlier in the 20th century, people used to transport liquid concrete using wheelbarrows and buckets which were lifted by cranes. This method required a lot of labour and time. This only resulted in an increase in the cost of production which was becoming a serious concern among the builders. Later in 1927, Max Giese and Fritz Hull came up with pipes which could transport liquid concrete to the site where it was needed with ease. After some time, this mechanism was built into a concrete pumping machine and protected through patents.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Concrete Pumps?

Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping

1. Concrete Pouring Speed Increases – The speed of the concrete pouring in the construction site increases to a large extent. As stated above, people used to take help of wheelbarrows and buckets which took a lot of time and because of the concrete pumping machine, the time spent is indefinitely smaller now. The equipment is mounted on trucks or higher places and poured into pipes which make the transportation quicker.

2. Less Manpower is Needed – Today, labor has become more expensive and people need to cut down on the use of labour to save some money. This method does exactly that. It replaces human need by using more of pumping machines which does work faster and at a cheaper rate. This way you can either cut down on labour costs or involve labour at a better place than somewhere machines can work better.

3. Accuracy and Precision – There might be different types of concrete pumping machines. Whichever you choose, you are bound to get accurate results. People can trust the machine to pour liquid concrete exactly where it is needed without any spills. The machines eliminate any kind of wastage and thus use the concrete more productively. At the same time, no lumps are produced in the entire process which was quite common without the use of machines. Thus, using these concrete pumps helps in ensuring accuracy and precision and at the same time neatness is also maintained.

4. Constant Flow – Concrete Pumps ensure a constant flow of liquid concrete. They help in providing a continuous flow of concrete and thus make the process faster. People on the construction site can work at a faster rate if the supplies are quickly available and hence this adds to the list of advantages of using a concrete pump.

Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping

5. The efficiency of Cranes is Shifted – As we know that now the cranes are available for other tasks as concrete pumping is done with the help of special appliances, the efficiency increases drastically. The cranes can be used for better tasks in a construction site.

Hence, when we talk about concrete pumps, there are a series of benefits which it provides to the people using it. The machine increases the work style drastically and hence produces better results.

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