Finding Child Support Lawyers

Human relationships, especially marriage tend to get complicated for various reasons beyond our understanding. When things go downhill in a relationship, the two people involved are affected undoubtedly but so are children (if any). If you decide to separate from your partner/spouse, it becomes your fiduciary duty to provide for your children till they become adults irrespective of whether they are born out of wedlock or not. It is done keeping in mind that the children enjoy a reasonable standard of living till they become adults. The process is monitored by Child Support Agencies or Family courts. This is where child support lawyers Melbourne come into play. Even though it is not mandatory to hire a child support lawyer Melbourne but by hiring one you can be assured that everyone’s best interest is met.

Reasons to Employ a Child Support Lawyer:

Child Custody Lawyers

Child Custody Lawyers

  • Legal matters can be quite complicated at times; to ensure peace of mind one should consult a lawyer.
  • Paperwork and all legal matters can be quickly completed by hiring a child support lawyer Melbourne.
  • Assessment & Collection of payments, drafting of the agreement, making changes, etc can be done more efficiently by a child support lawyer Melbourne.
  • It is always better to have an agreement/ contract so that disputes do not arise in the future.
  • It makes it convenient for all the parties involved by knowing the amount that needs to be set aside for child support

In most of the states in Australia, a child is entitled legally to receive child support payments from both the parents or one (as the case may be) till he becomes a major ( 18 years or above). It is one of the most basic fundamental rights of the child to make sure he is not deprived of a decent standard of living. The amount is decided generally by a standard statutory formula keeping in mind the income of the parents, their assets, number of children, etc. In case you are not happy with the amount decided by the court you can always appeal to the court.

Child support laws are very strict and one should not try to avoid/default on child support payments. The consequences of default are not very pleasant and involve the reduction of wages, cancellation of driving license, legal action, and even imprisonment. There are a lot of people who deliberately try to avoid these payments by not disclosing their complete assets to the court where the expertise of a professional child support lawyer Melbourne can be very helpful as they deal in such cases on a daily basis. However, If due to genuine and unforeseen circumstances you are unable to meet your child support payments, you may ask your child support lawyer Melbourne to file a petition/appeal in the court on your behalf wherein if found to be true the judge might grant you some relief.

The process of separation between former partners/lovers is mostly bitter and full of disputes, most of the time it is the poor child that becomes the victim of their bickering. Such issues can impact your child’s mental health and leave him in an emotional turmoil. It can even scar your child for life. Most of these legal battles can be prolonged, time-consuming, emotionally taxing for all family members. In order to avoid all this, it is always better to hire a child support lawyer Melbourne who will efficiently and professionally manage and oversee all this on your behalf making it much easier for you. Finding the right one would not only make life easier for you but would also help combat legal hassles with an empathetic point of view rather than just going by legal technicalities.

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