A Complete Guide On Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete floor grinding is the process of smoothing down rough concrete surfaces to reveal a shiny and smooth surface. This process involves the use of diamond saturated discs and heavy-duty concrete grinding machines. To produce a high glossy smooth surface, these discs are replaced with grits. Concrete floor grinding not only makes the floor look shiny and glossy, but it also increases the life of the floor.  Concrete grinding can be done using the dry and wet method. In the dry method, the grinding tool used is featured with separate provisions to preserve the dirt without leaving any mess. In the wet method, water is utilized to cool diamond grits and cleans the dirt that is caused during the grinding process. Here, waterworks as a lubricant that reduces friction and enhances the life of all the polishing equipment which can thaw due to high temperature. To get the desired shine and finish in the concrete you can use a blend of both the grinding processes. To begin with, you can attempt the dry grinding process and then end with the wet process to clean and finish the floor.


Concrete Floor Grinding

Importance of Floor Grinding

The concrete beneath the floorboards can be uneven or rough. Installing various flooring on top of it can be a tough task. With floor grinding, you are able to get a seamless and smooth surface that is ready to be coated with the desired layer. Thus, giving the flooring the right appearance. With the help of floor grinding and polishing process, you can easily maintain the floor in the long run.

Components of Concrete Grinder

A concrete floor grinder involves a rotating head that aids to level and smooth the surface. The main components used for concrete floor grinding are Diamond and Bond.

Diamond In Concrete Floor Grinding

The commonly used diamonds in the concrete grinder are synthetic. These are obtainable in different shapes, sizes, and potency. This diamond size matches up to grits. These grits are available in different sizes and are known as grit numbers. These grit numbers and the corresponding diamond sizes are inversely relative to each other. For eliminating aggressive coatings, large diamonds are used. Small diamonds are used for polishing grinding applications.

Bonds In Concrete Floor Grinding

Bonds are another significant part of a concrete floor grinder. The main purpose of the bond is to clasp the diamond intended for grinding. During the grinding process, the bond wears out in a planned way so that the new diamond is exposed for grinding devoid of unexpected rupture of the diamond. The choice of bonds and diamond grit varies based on the application.


Concrete Floor Grinding

Types Of Floor Grinders

There are three types of floor grinders:

  1. Hand-held grinders
  2. Multiple-held grinders
  3. Dustless grinders

Hand-held Grinders- These are smaller in size and are used for small grinding works . It has a diameter of  5 to 7 inches and has only one head. It is versatile and is often used for household purposes.

Multiple-held Grinders- These are used to execute a variety of tasks. These grinders have several attachments and you can fix it based on the requirement.

Dustless grinders- These are grinders that have covers to collect the dust and discard it. This makes the grinding task less messy and it is also timesaving.

Concrete floor grinding is an important part of giving the floor right look and finish. With it you can ensure that the floor lasts longer and its lifespan increases. Moreover, after an effective floor grinding, you get a seamless surface that is impervious to moisture, thus making it more durable. With the help of the right concrete floor grinding appliance you can easily polish your floor. But, always remember heavy-duty machines carry specific risks too!! It is always good to hire a professional to carry out these tasks. Make sure to call out a professional company that has immense competence and quality.

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