Make Exterior Of Your Home Beautiful With These Shutters

Furniture makes your home beautiful in a different way and shutter in a different way. While it is common to install the shutters inside the home one can place them on the exterior of the home as well. You can find them in different designs with different colors to suit the walls of your home. They make your homes look modern and rich from the outside and you too fall in love with the look of your home with this small installation.

There are 4 different types of shutters that can be placed on the exterior of your home and these are:


  • Raised Panel- The raised panel shutters are just like the doors or kitchen cabinets in look and so these can be installed in any type of home. You can find them in a single or double raised panel in the market. It is going to look good in homes with Victorian, Federal, Colonial, Georgian, Cape Cod, or Ranch look.
  • Louvered- These have angled slats to allow the air and light to pass through easily. They are designed in a way to look more defined than the low-key panel shutter. These are going to suit the homes with an ornate, casual, or classical look. Most of the people like to have them installed in their homes these days.
  • Board and Batten- It is designed with a series of wooden boards that are connected together through a series of battens. You are going to find them as crosspieces that extend over the boards. You can buy them in different shapes and these are going to look best with homes that are Mediterranean, Cape Cod, and French Country in appearance.
  • Bermuda- These are also known as Bahamas shutters. They are louvered and are mostly installed on the top of the window. It allows the air and light to pass easily. They also protect the homes from storms and are mainly used in tropical regions. You are going to love its look on homes with Cape Cod, Ranch, and Cottage look.

You can find all of these in different materials like MDF, vinyl, synthetic foam, faux wood, and wood. Though the shutters made of MDF look expensive, they are really reasonable than other options. But they can’t stand water for a long time and so can sag and swell after some time. Vinyl as a material is cheap and is hollow PVC sheets that appear plastic in look. They tend to turn yellow and are also tough to clean.


Synthetic foam looks like wood but is not much costly. You are going to love the fact that these are fire and water-resistant along with having great insulation qualities. Also, this material is heavier than wood, which cannot be stained. People see this material as the best option.

The shutters could be wide and tall, the best option is faux wood. It looks just like wood but is not much costly. You can find it in different shapes and colors. Basswood is another material to make a shutter, which can be painted easily. This material is light in weight and is flexible to be transformed in any shape you desire. But this material is not moisture resistant and can swell with time.

You can choose the best one according to your home at reasonable prices. You can search online for different designs and colors to suit the walls of your home.

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