Factors to Consider While Buying an Electric Bicycle

Considering the plethora of e-bikes available in the market, you must choose the best model of an electric bicycle that best fits your needs and budget. These bikes can be used for climbing the terrains, they are resistant to wind, and they allow you to travel for longer. If you are prone to knee pain or have breathing problems while riding the bicycle, you can use an electric bike that adds a new life to the cycling sport. You can offer a ride to your girlfriend, kids, wife, or parents on this bike, or go to the office on this bike.


Electric Bicycle


Electric bicycles offer a myriad of benefits over traditional bicycles. Few of the things you must consider while buying an e-bike include:


Different electric bikes are made for different purposes. You cannot use the bike that is made for cargo to travel to the office. You must decide what you want and communicate the same to the retailer. Based on your requirements, they will show you the bikes that suit your needs and budget. There are umpteen models available, and you must find out which one you are going to ride frequently. You can use the e-bikes for various purposes, such as cargo hauling, mountain biking, child transportation, road biking, downhill traveling, and usual commuting. The one question you need to ask yourself when you step into the e-bike store is that in which terrain you prefer to use this bike.

Type of drive

There are two different types of electric bikes being used: pedelec and twist-n-go. The widely used one is the pedelec. This type of electric bicycle will add force and speed after monitoring the pedaling of the rider. The motor output is regulated to 250 w with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. When you touch this speed, the motor will get turned off automatically. Some bikes perform well and help you go at the speed of 45 km/h. However, to drive these bikes, one must have driver licenses and insurance. The regulations vary from one country to another. You can check the regulations with the local shop owners. In another type of bike called twist-n-go, there is a switch available for the rider to get the required assistance from the motor.

Motor mount

There are two types of motors, one is mounted to the wheels or the crank and pedal area, and the other is a hub motor. The electronic controls will have a sensor that will detect how hard you are pedaling and measure the assistance you would need. The crank assisted bikes have a good reputation in the market and are perfect to drive on steep hills. However, there are a few models that produce noise, and noise production depends on the type and brand of the electric bicycle. There are a few cycles that are equipped with hub motors. These motors won’t be able to handle riding on hills.

buy electric bike online

Electric Bicycle


Lithium-ion batteries are used to power electric bikes. An expensive electric bicycle has higher-tech batteries that are lighter and take very less time to charge. They also last longer over the other batteries. You must check the battery of the bike before buying it, since few will drain the charge in a very short period. The quality of the battery brings a lot of difference. You must choose the battery that is made by reliable manufacturers to last longer. The lithium-ion batteries would have 800 full charging cycles, and you can use it for around three years to commute every day. They last longer, and you can use it carefully. It takes two to six hours to charge the battery fully.


The distance you would like to travel on electric bicycles with a single charge is known as the range. The range depends on the capacity of the battery, speed, weight, and profile of a person commuting. You must buy an electric bicycle that has a higher range than you travel every day since the range goes down with the aging of the battery.

So, keep these things in mind and buy an e-bike that is best for your riding needs.


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