Finding The Tight Hi Vis Vest Melbourne Supplier

A key concern of every employer is the safety of their employees. If you happen to have a construction or mechanical company, this concern becomes ten folds. Having your employees dressed properly to ensure avoiding accidents, you need to rely on high quality hi vis vest Melbourne supplier can offer.

What are hi vis vest Melbourne workers wear?

The hi vis stands for high-visibility. These are the luminescent clothing that construction workers wear so that they can be easily visible even from a great distance. Any work which requires the laborer to be at potential risk of being driven over or easily ignored requires the worker to wear hi vis vests. The personal protection equipment or PPE is part of the law that demands every worker must own hi vis vest Melbourne can offer. Workers dealing with late-night road construction or forklifts have to be equally wary of their own safety along with their work.


hi vis vest Melbourne supplier

The simple-looking hi vis vest Melbourne uniform is made of fluorescent collared material that has reflective tapes added. This reflective tape catches light from every source to make the wearer visible even from afar. The uniform seems to glow during day time due to the UV rays reacting with the material. This is beneficial for road workers treating a busy road during the day when roads are congested.

While there are many fluorescent colors available, the hi vis vest Melbourne suppliers favor more is yellow and orange. Both these colors have their own significance and areas of usage.  Both the colors are highly visible and their brightness is unparalleled, but if you ask any driver, they will say orange is more visible than yellow. That is because the color orange contrasts better with the surrounding landscape and the sky as compared to yellow. On the contrary, workers having to spend time underground or in mechanical factories will say yellow provides better visibility as yellow contrasts very well with black and that of fire. Thus, hi vis vest Melbourne suppliers are keener to provide these two colors. But, there is no preventing you from choosing a red or a pink vest.

What to look for when choosing hi vis vest Melbourne supplier?

Not all materials and standards for the rating of these hi vis clothing is required for every field. When you are looking for standard hi vis vest Melbourne supplier, you need to keep in mind that the company is in compliance with the Australian standards. There are a few companies that are not licensed and doing transactions with them will cause you to lose in the long term. To know better, you need to know what kind of workwear will fit your industry and requirements.

hi vis vest Melbourne supplier

  • AS/NZ 4602.1: 2011 is for people dealing with applications that are rated as highly risky. These garments are not too flashy but they are reflective enough to be visible under any condition given they are worn inside. These kinds of garments are ideal for workers dealing with mining, tunnel construction and operating heavy applications.
  •  AS/NZ 1906.4: 2010 is for people working with road traffic and road construction work. These garments are made to be most reflective as daylight will be present thus a 3 meters overall reflective tape application provides the best detection.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the durability and color retention. High-quality materials that hi vis vest Melbourne supplier use will stay strong even after 50 washes. These standards should be maintained when buying. Once brought, you should know that storing these hi vis vests in a cooler place will prevent the fading away of the fluorescent color sooner.

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