Tips to Choose Best Kids Dance Classes and Music to Retain Them

Almost every kid loves to sway their body or move their feet when they listen to music. Most of the parents put them in dance classes which is not only a wonderful activity but is also a good physical exercise. However, retaining them could be an issue which is why you should choose the best kids dance classes, music, and lessons. If you do it correctly, these dance classes will provide your kid with all the benefits including teaching:

  • Coordination
  • Grace and improvement of motor skill
  • Self-confidence and
  • Rhythm

In a child, dance lessons also inspire self-expression and creativity. Therefore, you need to consider a few important things when you choose such a learning program for your kid. These considerations are over and above the cost factors and must include commitment, dancing style, and the right age.

Finding answers to these following questions will help you to choose the best kids dance classes. These are:

Dance Classes Caulfield

Dance Classes

  • How old your kid should be to take up dance classes?
  • Which is the best type of dance class and style for your kid?
  • What are the essential features you should look for while selecting a dance studio?

You must choose a dance studio and class based on:

  • The type of lessons offered
  • The qualification of the instructors
  • The methods followed
  • The size of the class and
  • The teacher-student ratio.

Also, check the safety aspects, and also check if the studio has the plan for special activities and dance competitions.

Selecting The Music

All kids dance classes will play the music that is loved and enjoyed by the kids. This music fascination encourages them to participate in the dance, inspire their passion for dance, and support their emotional expressions. It will also help the dance studio to define the style and shape the attitude of the kids. Therefore, the selection of music plays a significant role in retaining the kids in the dance classes. This critical process has few specific key points to note, especially by the dance teachers.

Dance Classes Caulfield

Dance Classes

Ideally, the music played should:

  • Send a positive message
  • Be appropriate for the specific age of the kids’ group
  • Not be violent or sexually explicit
  • Be free of culture and gender bias
  • Not project any hints of misogyny or female objectification.

This will make the children listen to the music or song over and over again. Child-friendly and clean music played in kids’ dance classes will help them to be creative and provide them with a healthy challenge. They will focus on dance techniques more than what the music is doing.

Retaining the Kids

Both for the parents as well as the kids dance classes, retaining students can be a big issue. To make sure that your kid goes to the dance studio regularly and willingly, here are a few creative ways.

  • Provide them with gifts and rewards such as dancewear or other give away items
  • Run open house events creatively and decoratively such as face paintings, balloons, and refreshments and
  • Reach out to the community to showcase the talents of the kids in local festivals and events and gift them with a take-home postcard.

As for the dance studios, there are several other ways in which they can retain and attract more kids to their classes. They can introduce referral programs and offer discounts or other incentives to the referrer. They may also waive fees or provide some sort of registration incentives before the end of the season so that the kids do come back.

Another good way to encourage and retain kids is to applaud and praise them publicly for their performance in the kids dance classes. Usually, students love to hear good things from their teachers. The personal insights make them love their teacher, and, in turn, the classes, and ultimately the practice of dances.

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