Best Places to Purchase Stylish Prescription Glasses

Today, with easy access online opticians, you can choose from a wide variety of stylish frames, designs, colors, and shapes that were actually not available a few years ago when purchasing prescription glasses. With the endless variety available online now, you also have the benefit of lowest-ever prices. Although buying prescription or reading glasses have become the new fashion statement, people should not forget that these items are more than just fashionable eyewear. There are still many individuals who do not realize that they require prescription glasses. The reason being their ignorant approach towards regular eye tests.

On the other hand, if you have got your eyes tested and received a prescription, the next question, which would pop inside your mind is where to buy the eyeglasses? Should you buy the stylish prescription glasses from an online store or an optical store located near you? If cost and convenience are your main concerns, purchasing glasses online may be a good choice. However, if you want an experienced optician to help you in the overall selection of frames and lenses according to your complex glasses prescription, a brick-and-mortar optical shop might be a good alternative. Let’s go through the procedure of buying eyeglasses in person and online:

Prescription Glasses

Prescription Glasses

Frame Selection: Variety and Number or Personal Service 

How and where to select your stylish prescription glasses along with the frames? Online retailers often provide a wide range of varieties to choose from, when compared with optical stores. An extensive selection of frames on the web could be a good thing if customers don’t want to really miss out on their perfect style. Sifting through all those choices can either be overwhelming or fun.

If you are shopping in a vision center or optical shop, an optician will help you choose appropriate and stylish prescription glasses according to your face shape. Some styles and frames look better on diamond, oval, and round face shapes. Just consult with your optician at the store. If you want to shop online for your prescription glasses, look for a useful style finder, which would help narrow your search. With the help of a virtual trial tool, you can select the right glasses, which will look good on your face.

Prescription Glasses

Prescription Glasses

Facial Fit: Frames and Lenses 

Obtaining the stylish prescription glasses for vision begins with getting pupillary distance right. Pupillary distance (PD) is an important measurement for opticians because the optical midpoint of every eyeglass lens should be positioned properly in front of the center of each pupil. Wrong pupillary distance measurement can cause double vision, blurred vision or eye strain. At an eyeglasses store, your pupillary distance will get measured by an optician, while at an online glasses store, you need to follow all the instructions carefully to measure your pupillary distance. In some cases, PD can also be measured with the help of a photo.

Lenses Options  

Once your eye test has been completed, your doctor will discuss lens options like bifocals, multifocal, progressive lenses, and even stylish prescription glasses. If you want to order prescription glasses online, particularly if you need single vision lenses, then the process is quite simple. Once you have selected your frame, choose the lens type and material. Then choose your add-ons and lens option packages. If you need multifocal or progressive lenses, your optical shop or eye doctor may be the perfect place to order the lenses.

The eye examination, budget, and personal preference are the important factors, which would influence your buying decision. So, weigh all these factors thoughtfully and buy stylish prescription glasses based on your findings.

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