Role Of Fiber Optic Fittings In Enhancing The Ethernet Connection

The year 2020 has been the most unpredictable year of the century. The sudden spread of the pandemic and the mass deaths triggered complete lockdowns in almost all the major countries of the world. The global business arena suffered a lot, and maximum organizations had to global for mere existence. And that created a huge load on the virtual platform. People got hungrier for more bandwidth. 

The fiber optic fittingsenabled a steady fiber optical communication system that has now transformed the entire telecommunication industry. The Ethernet broadband structure uses fiberoptics as the chief backbone to provide high-speed internet to the mass. There are different forms of fiber optic connectors that you can choose from, and these include LC multimode, SC multimode, SC Duplex coupler and LC Duplex coupler. In fact, there are 100 different types of fiber optics connector that you can buy.

Unique advantages 

· Security of data

In the age of rising online hacking activities, fiber optic fittingsprovide the most secure way to communicate. The very design and construction of the cable system make it almost impossible to intercept the transmissions. Even if an entity tries to penetrate the glass cable system, there will be light leakage only, which will only cause a notable degradation in communication quality.  

· Greater bandwidth

 The original design of the copper cables was for voice transmission only. So, there are limitations in the bandwidth. But the fiber optic fittingswill provide higher bandwidth to carry more data than the copper cables of equal diameter. When you go for installation, you notice that all fiber connectors have four basic components, which include ferrule, connector body, able and coupling device. 

· Withstand temperature fluctuations

The temperature changes won’t have much impact on the fiber optic cables. Even the bad weather and the rise in humidity levels won’t also affect these fibers. So, communication will continue even when the cables come in contact with rainwater. The lightning strike on the fiber cable will only cause a surge in the electricity that the fibres won’t propagate. The SC and LC connectors are easy to use, and they do not lead to any electrical hazard of any sort. 

· Shows immunity to Electromagnetic interference

Do you know that the placement of many electronic cables carrying electric current can create crosstalks between the cables if they are in a dense environment? Such interruptions will cause many performance issues and also interrupt the data transmission. So, the fiber optic fittingshave been a better option as they do not produce any electromagnetic interference. The EMI won’t have any impact on it either.

· Ideal for long-distance communication

When it comes to long-distance and point-to-point communication, fiber cables will be ideal. As conventional copper cables have a limitation of 328 feet, long-distance communication is impossible. But the fiber optic fittings are superior and cheaper for long-distance connectivity.

The smaller diameter of the fibres also supports above 10-gigabyte speeds in each strand. Although copper cabling can also support the speed, it would demand multiple category six cables of larger diameter. 

Better reliability factor

The flexibility of the entire setup of the fiber optic fittings makes it possible to incorporate the system into all the existing networks using the media converters. These converters are responsible for the extension of the UTP Ethernet connections all across the fiber optic cables. The modem’s optic cable port is there to which you can connect the LAN port, the router port, and then the Ethernet, so that you enjoy an uninterrupted connection.

The fiber optic settings are the best possible technical solution to the huge need for higher internet speeds for every organization. You can also update the present connection type to adapt to the latest technology.

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